Biz Etiquette.

  • 2024-06-13
  • hcuriel
Is your communication with suppliers and clients proper? An excellent base to connect and continue improving your business is through the appropriate use of written communication etiquette. To achieve...


  • 2024-05-17
  • hcuriel
You’ve just hired a superstar. This person is overqualified for the job, yet they accept the position gladly. And then, after a short while, you realize your productivity goes...


  • 2023-07-19
  • hcuriel
Do you have a plan? In the IT consulting, services, and maintenance fields, there is a chasm between the existing workforce and the next generation of IT Pros. Most...

Are you listening?

  • 2023-04-20
  • hcuriel
The practice of IT Business consulting extends beyond just assisting with planning; it encompasses assets safeguarding as well. As an IT Biz consultant, I am selective with new clients...


  • 2022-12-15
  • hcuriel
There are many ways in which our companies can be ESG compliant. Sometimes the easiest ways are also the best. For example, although we live in a digital economy,...