Product Engineering

No Capital Investment on our Engineering, design, or Managed Services.

The Computotal Engineering Solutions are delivered to you as a service with no CAPEX costs. We only use business‐grade devices and technologies.

You do not have to invest in any subscriptions, hardware, or software, or pay for a long and costly deployment. We will explain the best options after an initial assessment.

  • client: Steelhead Contracting
  • Location: Vancouver
  • Surface Area: BC
  • Architect: MC
  • Year Of Complited: 2010
  • Project Value: 8k+

Analytic Solutions

An initial meeting and an infrastructure assessment are all we need.

A thorough analysis of your business history, core values, mission, vision, and current assets will provide us with enough material to analyze the status quo and the necessary steps to confidently march in the direction you want to go.

Advance your assets based on our 30+ years of business and technology solution experience.

  • client: -Private-
  • Location: -Undisclosed-
  • Surface Area: 4096 km^2
  • Architect: HMCC
  • Year Of Complited: 2012
  • Project Value: -Classified-

Product Design

My Techie Pro development training future coding talent.

Computotal, in partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology, through their Industry Sponsored Student Project program, helps students understand business objectives.

In this case, the goal is to develop a database-enabled responsive website that allows Small and Medium Business (SMB) companies to find IT Professionals for specific projects and tasks.

The pool of IT Pros would be the one individual technicians and IT companies provide, once they sign up and register as a service provider.

  • client: BCIT
  • Location: Burnaby, BC
  • Surface Area: Canada
  • Architect: Miguel C.
  • Year Of Complited: 2022
  • Project Value: 50k+

Growth Strategies

Appropriate technology for your business goals.

Computotal Consulting Services, Inc. recommendations are based on more than 30 years of practice in the IT fields, along with BUSINESS and PROCESSES acumen acquired through education and experience. Ask our ever-growing list of clients about their long-term satisfaction levels.


  • client: Pony Graphic Solutions
  • Location: Montreal
  • Surface Area: Quebec
  • Architect: VPN
  • Year Of Complited: 2018
  • Project Value: 100k+

Platform Integration

Any Cloud Technology

We will always suggest and explain why we recommend the most appropriate services for your business, depending on your existing IT infrastructure, your core values, and your staff’s expertise, knowledge, and usage patterns.

We will provide options as well. Not pushing for any vendor, but rather, what is most convenient for your business evolution.

  • client: Dunhill Power
  • Location: Saskatchewan
  • Surface Area: Canada
  • Architect: HMC2
  • Year Of Complited: 2018
  • Project Value: 2M+

Innovative Interfaces

Web-based Quality Projects.

Our programmers and Web designers can help you leverage your in-house operations and image and presence on the Internet. Our certified professionals provide support for your communication systems, from swift email and messaging to Voice over IP installation and configuration.

  • client: Firestop Caulking
  • Location: Burnaby, BC
  • Surface Area: Canada
  • Architect: F. Cann
  • Year Of Complited: 2016
  • Project Value: 250k+