Metaverse Biz

It sounds like science fiction, a buzzword for the future, but it’s happening today.

Will the metaverse help increase your business?

If you’re skeptical about how new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence can help us all, or how it is possible for something so “fantastic” to even exist, remember just 17 years ago they introduced the iPhone.

One of the best examples of these AI technologies working is Google Maps: just open the App, type the address you want to get to, select the transportation mode, and it will tell you accurately how to get there in the bests time; whether you’re walking, cycling, taking public transportation, or driving. It even suggests flights from one city to another!

Similarly, the metaverse won’t only allow for virtual meetings, you will experience “being” in a particular place to interact with people physically present in that place, and with other avatars also needed there for the job to get done. You will even be able to “touch” objects, such as buttons, levers, and tools.

Think about the possibilities.

Of course, being nascent technologies, there are many wrinkles yet to iron out: ethics, privacy issues, legal matters, etc. But isn’t it thrilling?

Will your business benefit from these technologies?


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