Narges Bozorgi
Network Expert

Narges Bozorgi

Network Analyst II at UBC-IT


Managing the Active Directory. Providing strategic leadership in the creation and support of an overall technology infrastructure plan. Overseeing the design, development and implementation of organizational systems, software applications, and IT support and infrastructure systems. Creating and executing a best-in-class mobile technology plan. Directing and managing IT plans, schedules, policies and programs for the organization’s data processing, network communications, business operations, computer services and management information systems etc., according to established goals and objectives. Identifying emerging information technologies to be analyzed, assimilated and integrated across all IT divisions. Leading the development and execution of cyber security strategies for the companies. etc. Liaising with external Technology partners and suppliers.

Professional Skills

Network Expert 90%
Cloud specialist 80%
Systems Administrator 85%
Cloud Development 70%
Cyber Security 84%