Cloud Storage

As of late, I’ve seen instances in which users cannot access their shortcuts anymore or files are locked and not editable. Or, for instance, icons on the Desktop show different features than before.

When this happens, it means that the Desktop has been moved to OneDrive or Google Drive or similar products and services (Box, Dropbox, iCloud+, Sync, etc.)

Before you click on [Yes] or [Accept] or anything that Microsoft or Gmail or a Browser offers regarding Cloud storage, read.

Yes, read, because once any of those Cloud storage systems are installed and start working, some of your files will be moved to a different location. We tend to simply click on whatever it’s presented in front of our eyes, without assessing the consequences.

For example, the Desktop location, usually on C:\users\YOU\Desktop, will be moved to C:\Users\YOU\OneDrive \Desktop, rendering shortcuts or links unusable.

So, be aware. Before accepting using any Cloud storage system, know what you’re getting into. While it’s true that such systems have many advantages, not knowing their capabilities might create some havoc too.


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